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Big Dude Basics: Plain Black Polo Shirts

Plain Black Polo Shirt

Polo shirts are one of those necessary items that we all have in our wardrobes. The perfect smart-casual basic that matches with chinos or jeans, shorts or trousers.

The plain black polo shirt is one of Big Dude’s best sellers, so today we thought we would focus on our collection in more detail.

Take a look at all our polo shirts for big guys here.

Plain Black Polo Shirts at Big Dude Clothing













Cotton Valley Plain Polo Shirt

  • - Colours Available: Black, Blue, Burgundy, Green, Navy
  • - Sizes Available: 4XL, 5Xl, 6Xl, 7Xl
  • - Buy for £14.99

A plain black polo shirt from Cotton Valley Metaphor brand. A simple and practical polo shirt that is easy to wear, short sleeved and great value at just £14.99.

  • - Plain Black Polo Shirt
  • - Metaphor Brand – Part of the Cotton Valley Family
  • - Great Value, Only £14.99

;Plain Black Polo Shirts at Big Dude Clothing

Mish Mash Fragment Black Polo Shirt

  • - Sizes Available: 4Xl, 5XL
  • - Was: £34.99 | Now: £26.99

This lightweight black polo shirt is a really interesting item that is full of little details and an all over five stitch pattern. The collar features a black and white pinstripe material with an embroidered flower design. It is also bordered by a micro dot fabric and lined with a navy and red gingham. The navy placket consists of four buttons with contrasting red stitching. Red stitching also features on the pocket. Located on the left hand chest, the same fabrics featured on the collar are used. The sleeves are finished with the micro dot material and a small mish mash detail is added to the side seam. Made from 85% cotton, 10% polyester and 5% spandex gives this item a comfortable fit with a slight stretch.

  • - Black Polo Shirt with All Over Subtle Print
  • - Use of Various Complimentary Patterned Materials
  • - Contrasting Red Stitching
  • - Slight Stretch

Mish Mash Black Polo Shirt


KAM Black Short Sleeve Plain Polo Shirt

  • - Sizes Available: 2XL, 3Xl. 4XL, 7XL
    - Buy for £15.99

 This plain black polo shirt from KAM is a simple and great shirt, perfect for work or day to day. For a smarter look, pair with some chinos and polished shoes or match with dark denim jeans and trainers for a more laid back look. Made from 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this polo shirt is durable, less likely to shrink or stretch and more hardwearing than a pure cotton shirt. All in all, a completely black polo shirt with KAM Jeans brand buttons, a pocket on the left of the shirt, elasticated sleeve hems and a slight slit on either side of the polo shirt.

  • - Plain Black Polo Shirt
  • - 35% Cotton and 65% Polyester
  • - Front Chest Pocket


Kangol Chip Jersey Polo Shirt

  • - Colours Available: Black, Royal Blue and White
  • - Sizes Available: 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
  • - Buy for £24.99

This Kangol polo shirt is smoked black in colour with yellow and white detailing. Although not a plain black polo shirt, the pattern is only subtle and the quality and detailing in the garment is so good, we thought it deserved a mention. The collar has a double stripe detail on the edge and leads onto a three button placket, which has a blue chambray lining. As with many Kangol products, the logo is on the garment above the pocket in complimentary gold and white. The detailed pattern falls down the front of the polo from the top of the third button, but does not continue onto the back. There is also a single buttoned pocket on the left chest, again with chambray detailing. The sleeves match the collar with a double yellow and white stripe, but they also have denim blue chambray tying all the detailed elements of this black polo shirt together. The back of the shirt is completely plain, other than another gold and white Kangol logo.

  • - Smoked Black Polo Shirt
  • - Yellow and White Spot Pattern
  • - Double Stripe Collar and Sleeve Detail
  • - Single Button Pocket
  • - Chambray Lining Details

 Kangol Chip Polo Shirts


D555 Black and Grey Contrast Polo Shirt

  • - Colours Available: Black and Grey, Blue and Denim
  • - Sizes Available: 4XL, 5XL, 6XL
  • - Buy for £22.99

This polo shirt is a really interesting item that is predominantly a dark grey-black. Made of 100% cotton, the polo shirt is super soft and great quality, as to be expected by the D555 brand. The collar on this shirt is black with a miniature circle pattern all over in white, and buttoned down with mottled buttons and contrasting purple thread detailing. The collar joins to a charcoal three button placket, which is again lined with the same material as the collar. The top of the polo shirt is a lighter charcoal and divided until the end of the placket at which the shirt continues with dark charcoal. The left chest features a hidden, lined pocket with button detailing and the shirt also features D555 brand logo details in blue. A really smart polo shirt that has great, subtle detailing to make it that little bit more interesting than a plain black polo shirt.

  • - Dark Grey and Black Polo Shirt
  • - 100% Cotton with a Super Soft Feel
  • - Collar Features Circle Pattern Detailing
  • - Hidden Chest Pocket
  • - D555 Brand Logo Detailing

 Collar Detail on a D555 Polo Shirt

D555 Jeremy Black Polo Shirt

  • - Sizes Available: 3XL, 4XL, 5Xl, 6XL
  • - Available in Black or White
  • - Buy for £21.99

This black polo shirt is a great, plain, jersey fabric shirt with check detailing. Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastine, this shirt a slight stretch to improve comfort as well as a soft feel. The collar has a traditional shirt fabric feel and is black with colourful details. The collar is fastened down with navy and white buttons. These have also been added with red thread, which gives the collar a little pop of colour and interest. The very top of the collar has a red gingham check detailing and this also features on the back as well as under the collar itself. The placket on this polo shirt is longer than usual and unbuttons by 21cm (5 buttons). The placket is bordered with black and white gingham and this is matched with the detail on the top pocket. The gingham is again reiterated on the sleeve with a little detailing there and on the back is a blue loop detail.

  • - Black Polo Shirt
  • - Slight Stretch
  • - Navy, White and Red Details
  • - Long 5 Button Placket
  • - Blue Loop Detail on the Back


KAM Black Pique Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

  • - Sizes Available: 3XL – 8Xl
  • - Buy for £25.99

This black polo shirt from KAM is 100% cotton with denim and logo detailing. The dark denim collar continues through to the three button placket and the denim also features on the pockets, hemline and sleeve edge. The front features two pockets, both with steel button detailing and one with a flap closure. The left pocket has a KJ Denim Department logo. The back of the polo shirt is all plain black, but at the very bottom the KAM logo and a denim insert has been added diagonally across.

  • - Black and Denim Detail Polo Shirt
  • - Denim and Logo Detailing
  • - 2 Pocket Design
  • - KAM Branding and Logo Incorporated into Design

 Kam Polo Shirt


Loyalty and Faith Weller Black Polo Shirt

  • - Colours Available: Black, Purple and Grey
  • - Sizes Available: 3XL, 4Xl, 5XL
  • - Buy for £16.99

A casual black polo shirt with blue and white detailing. Perfect for days out and for matching with jeans this polo shirt has some print detailing and is from the good quality brand Loyalty and Faith. The detail on this polo shirt is all on the front, chest and sleeves of the item. The collar is plain black and leads to a two button placket with white ‘seven series’ branded contrasting buttons. On the left hand side is a Loyalty and Faith Authentic Apparel motorcycle design print in royal blue and white. Opposite this is a crackled Loyalty and Faith monogram. The sleeves are tipped with a royal blue band and at the very bottom of the polo shirt is a small ribbon brand with the ‘seven series’ logo.

  • - Casual Black Polo Shirt
  • - Blue and White Detailing
  • - Motorcycle Design Print
  • - Loyalty & Faith Monogram
  • - Royal Blue and White Banded Sleeves

Loyalty and Faith Brand Polo Shirt

Take a look at all our Polo Shirts online at Big Dude Clothing or see the full range of Black Polo Shirts here.