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About Us

Who we are, what we're about and the team behind the name..

Welcome to Bigdude – Your one stop shop for men’s clothing in sizes 2XL to 8XL. With a fantastic range of items from top brands like Lambretta, Mish Mash and now our very own Bigdude brand collection, there is no need to shop anywhere else!

Bigdude always aim to have some of the best, most competitive deals on the internet and offer a range of clothing from essential basics to top quality detailed pieces. No matter what you are after, Bigdude will have it and at a price that will surprise you. From shirts to trousers, suits to belts, check out the full range of items available online.


Meet the Team




  • Fav Food: Anything Korean or Japanese
  • Fav Drink: Green Banana Juice
  • Likes: Drawing
  • Dislikes: Country Music
  • Manuela works in our warehouse picking items, packing orders and helping customers. You can find Manuela with iron in hand helping out with the photoshoots, at the customer desk responding as quickly as possible or wondering around the warehouse orders in hand. Manuela can chat forever about food and will often be seen dreaming of sushi, one of her favourite foods.



  • Fav Food: Indian Food
  • Fav Drink: Cider
  • Likes: Cricket
  • Dislikes: Rain
  • Liam is our money man. You will find him in the office sorting out payments, dealing with suppliers and ensuring that everything adds up. When he’s not in the office, Liam is busy at home thanks to the newest addition to his family – his labradoodle puppy, Cookie.



  • Fav Food: Sweet Chilli Chicken
  • Fav Drink: Mixed Fruits Kopparberg
  • Likes: Going on Holiday
  • Dislikes: Lazy People
  • Natalie is one of our newest members and ensures that the warehouse runs smoothly. If there are any problems, she is your go to girl. Often found in the office answering queries or in the warehouse running a tight operation she is organised and gets the job done.



  • Fav Food: New York Cheesecake
  • Fav Drink: Mojito
  • Likes: Football
  • Dislikes: Nutribullets
  • Darrell is the boss at Bigdude. Usually found on the phone, listening to Radio X, or out and about visiting suppliers. He is constantly on the go, the brains behind Bigdude and a lover of all things internet, even if that does mean he likes to indulge in a bit of online shopping from time to time.



  • Fav Food: Mini Sliders
  • Fav Drink: Tea!
  • Likes: Making things out of pallets
  • Dislikes: People leaving cupboard doors open
  • Martin is Bigdude’s operations manager and Darrell’s right hand man. He gets stuck into a bit of everything and is busy, busy, busy. You might see him ordering some new items for the new season, checking the site is in tip top condition, or getting stuck in at the warehouse. An avid fan of golf, he could play every day if he could – he certainly needs the practice!



  • Fav Food: Trifle
  • Fav Drink: Anything Starbucks
  • Likes: Browsing Pinterest for Craft Ideas
  • Dislikes: Squeaky Swivel Chairs
  • Victoria is our Ecommerce assistant, currently learning the digital marketing ropes and really getting stuck in. You can usually find Victoria rifling through the new items that have just landed, scribbling down her ideas for blogs and lugging handfuls of clothes to the photo-area. A lover of all things social media, she is always creating new graphics to share and loves helping customers out on live chat when she can.



  • Fav Food: Freddos
  • Fav Drink: Coca Cola
  • Likes: Going on Adventures with her Family
  • Dislikes: Wet and Rainy Weather
  • Katie is a really bubbly and friendly member of the team. Small in size she is big in personality and obsessed with food. You will find her in the warehouse helping to pick orders, up to her neck in new arrivals or chatting with Manuela about lunch!



  • Fav Food: Haribo Starmix
  • Fav Drink: Haribo Starmix
  • Likes: Photography
  • Dislikes: Bad Drivers
  • Fran is the newest and youngest member of team ecommerce. Whether she's helping with banners, emails, photoshoots or coming up with ideas on how to improve the site, Fran is busy day in and day out with a role that lets her creative juices flow. Check out her latest blog posts too - they're pretty great. Usually found in the office or with camera in hand, she's always in a good mood and never complains about the task in hand.


Video Content

  • Fav Food: Sunbites Crisps
  • Fav Drink: Anything but Coffee
  • Likes: Wrestling
  • Dislikes: Daddy Long Legs
  • Stacey is our new video producer. You will always find her camera in hand, speaking about our products and looking closely at all the details in the items. Whether she is in the warehouse telling people to be quiet while she is filming or in the office editing, she loves creating videos for you to watch!

A Bit of History

Starting way back in 2009, Bigdude has come a long way from very humble beginnings. Bigdude initially started in an attic, but with demand for large men’s clothing high, Darrell soon looked into providing more and more clothing for people in sizes 2-8XL. With expertise in ecommerce and the online world, Darrell set up an online store and Bigdude was born!


Bigdude is born



The website in 2010 stocking top brand favourites and classics still popular today!

History: Site launched


Our photoshoots have come a long way from the DIY set up of the early days

History: Photoshoots


A new year and a new office

History: New Office


Getting our name known with flyers

History: Flyers


A clean and modern website to complement our new logo redesign.

History: Logo


Bigdude secure Wales' strongest man as the new face of Bigdude

History: Johnston


Bigdude secures backing from ASOS investors

History: Investors


A new website update, new brands and a new layout.

History: New Brands

2016 - Black Friday

Our biggest and best Black Friday to date!

History: Black Friday

The Future