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DB Shoes

Finding the right pair of shoes can be stressful enough, so making sure they fit perfectly is so, so important.
Thankfully we've got a handy measuring tutorial to make sure your wide fit DB shoes are perfect for you.

We find it's easier to have someone with you when you start measuring to avoid mistakes!

All you need to do is measure the length and the width of your foot and then compare to our charts.

1) Measuring the length of your foot

Sounds easy right? Well it is and here's how to do it:

  1. Lay a tape measure straight on the floor, with the 1cm end touching the wall
  2. Place your heel against the wall on top of the tape measure - make sure your foot is straight and your weight is pressing down on your foot
  3. (This is where a friend comes in handy!) - Measure where your big is on the tape measure and make a note of it.
  4. Repeat for your other foot
  5. When you've got both measurements you need to take the size of the largest foot and then see what size you are in the chart below
 DB Shoes Length Chart

 2) Measuring the width of your foot

Again how hard can this be? Well we've got a step by step to help you regardless

measuring foot

  1. Use the tape measure to measure around the widest part of our foot - usually around the big toe and little toe joint
  2. Make a note of the measurement
  3. Repeat for the other foot
  4. Make sure you stand with your feet flat and your full weight on the floor when you measure
  5. Your width is the circumference of the widest foot. To find your fitting refer to the table below:
2V 6V
Size Too narrow for size EE 4E 6E 8E
7 240 244 262 274 286
8 246 250 268 280 292
9 252 256 274 286 298
10 258 262 280 292 304
11 264 268 286 298 310
12 270 274 292 304 316
13 276 280 298 310 322
14 282 286 304 316 328
* all measurements are shown in mm


3) Selecting your size

All you have to do now is use the size chart above in part 2 to find out your size!

  1. Locate your measured shoe size on the left
  2. follow the line along and find the nearest number above your measured width
  3. look at the top of that column to find your fitting
  4. E.G if you measure as a size 11, and 264mm wide you need an 11 2V Fitting

You can learn more about DB shoes' Wide Sizes by reading our DB Shoes Fitting Guide