Sizing Guide

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  • - Don’t Forget! Different brands have different size guidelines; what’s a 3XL in one brand, isn’t necessarily a 3XL in another, so double check the size guide.
  • - Did You Know? We offer free UK returns! If something doesn’t fit, simply send it back – the cost’s on us.
  • - In between sizes? We would always recommend sizing up to ensure the garment fits or if you’re in the UK, order both! We offer free UK returns, so simply send back the one that doesn’t fit – Easy.
  • - Measure your neck at the point where you need to fasten the top button of a shirt. For a comfortable fit, make sure to place a finger between the tape measure – it shouldn’t be restrictive in any way.
  • - When measuring your chest, place the tape around the fullest part, across your nipples, under your armpits and over your shoulder blades.
  • - For your waist, measure where you would wear your trousers and place the tape arounds where your belt would sit.
model how to measure

How to Measure

A - Neck

Measure around the neck where the collar of a shirt would sit. The tape measure should be tight but comfortable.

B - Chest

The chest should be measured around the widest point. Try to keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground.

C - Waist

This is where you want your trousers/jeans/joggers to sit. This may be up to the belly button or almost on the hips.

D - Leg

Measure this from the crotch down to where you want the trousers/jeans/joggers to stop. This should be around the ankle when standing straight.