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Christmas Edition

What Should I Wear on Christmas Day?

Christmas is literally around the corner and we’re really getting into the Christmas spirit here at bigdude. Rach has covered her desk in fairy lights and the Christmas Bake Off will be taking place on Monday. I still have no idea what I will be making so any ideas would be gratefully received! Anyway, with Christmas so soon, we thought we’d take a look at Christmas day and answer the all important question of “what am I going to wear?!”

Christmas Morning

We’re all adults here, but there is something so special about Christmas morning. Waking up, rushing downstairs, opening gifts and preparing for the day ahead, it’s always so exciting! If you hadn’t guessed, this is my favourite part of the day. My advice for the morning: enjoy it in comfort. Pop on a warm, cosy and fleecy dressing gown over your favourite pair of Christmas pyjamas (of course) and start the day right.

Cute Reindeer - Christmas Morning

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Lunch, Christmas Dinner – whatever you call it, it’s the big one, the main event. Preparing for Christmas dinner has taken over a day. You’ve carefully basted that turkey to ensure it stays juicy and tender. The sprouts have been (over)cooked, but as long as the roasties are good, everything will be fine. As for what to wear, you want to look presentable, but let’s face it, we’re going to eat… a lot. To ensure you’re not bulging over your waistband, choose your pants carefully. We’ll probably pair a navy polo shirt with some stretch jeans. The added elastine in these ones will help you stay comfortable around the table when the food keeps coming. However, if you are really going to indulge (it’s Christmas after all) try these expandaband trousers. These smart trousers self-adjust, ideal for that second helping of trifle!

Christmas Dinner Table

The After-Dinner Nap

Pop on a pair of slippers, slouch in front of the tv and have a nap, lovely.

Christmas Nap | bigdude

The Celebration Continues

Ok, so you’ve had a nap and you’re ready to go again. You’re off out. Meeting up with friends and continuing the celebration with family. You’ve had a great day, and now, it’s really going to go off with a bang! We think it’s time to get the party shirt out. Floral, fancy and bold, these shirts are made for Christmas nights out. Paired with indigo jeans and smart shoes, you’ve got the perfect outfit.

Christmas Party Celebrations | bigdude

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