Timeless Classics: The Polo Shirt

Introducing the Polo Shirt

As the weather begins to warm up and summer approaches, inevitably we switch up our wardrobe and choose clothes bearing the heat in mind. I’m sure that we would all love to wear loose fitted tops, shorts and flip flops on hot and sticky days, but with work and daily life getting in the way, reaching for trusted classics, like our favourite polo shirt, is the way forward.

  • Traditionally, a polo shirt is longer at the back. However, too long and it looks a little silly. Aim for a style that doesn’t fall further than half way down your back pockets with a front hem that lands comfortably mid-fly.
  • Even when the weather is a little chilly avoid wearing a polo shirt with an under-shirt. This prevents any extra bulk and the possibility of sleeves peeking out and ruining a stylish outfit.
  • The sleeves of a polo shirt should fall mid-bicep and be fitted close to the arm. When choosing a style, take a look at the sleeve for any ribbing as this could cause the shirt to be too tight and uncomfortable around the muscle here.
  • Finally, we hope these next two points are obvious, but just in case, never pop the collar and as for buttons, please don’t unbutton them all.

Look Book

We all own one, but do we know how to style it?
If you are on the hunt for polo shirt inspiration, read on for some guidance and a few outfits to inspire and help you get the most out of this casual basic.

Out and About: A Casual Day

Pair a long sleeved rugby polo shirt with some dark navy jeans and good quality brown shoes for a look that is perfect for casual days walking in the countryside and popping to the pub for lunch and a pint. The long sleeves of this polo shirt ensure that you stay warm whilst looking smart, but if you are looking for a more laid back look, simply roll up the sleeves and you are good to go.

Introducing the Polo Shirt - A look for a casual day out

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Braving the Sun: A Day at the Beach

Polo shirts come in a variety of colours so they are great for experimenting with. If you are looking to avoid the usual muted tones of black, white and grey, why not try a lime green for a change? If you’re feeling brave, pair with pink shorts for an exotic look at the beach or team with light wash jeans to let the shirt do all the talking.

Introducing the Polo Shirt - A look for a day at the beach

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Smarten Up: A Night on the Town

Although traditionally a more casual piece, the polo shirt is ultimately flexible and can be   really smartened up. Pair a buttoned up navy polo shirt with light stone chinos and classic shoes for a look that can take you from day to night.

Introducing the Polo Shirt - A look for a night out

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