The Perfect Jeans for Big Guys

Jeans are a staple item that everyone has in their wardrobe, but with skinny, boot cut, straight, regular and a whole host of other phrases being thrown around, how do we know which jeans are best for us big guys? Well, here is Big Dude’s simple guide to jeans. Outlining a few key phrases followed by a few tips on choosing the best jeans, you’ll be investing in a new pair before you know it.

Regular Fit

The ‘normal’ pair of jeans that we see most regularly. This fit of jeans have a bit of room around the crotch and are not too tight around the behind. In a sentence: A popular style of jeans that flatter most body types.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed fit jeans have a little more fabric added to them, making them more relaxed looking and less tight around the back and thighs. The perfect fit for larger guys whether you’re carrying a few extra pounds or have thick thighs and glutes.

Loose Fit

Loose fit jeans have more fabric added to the back and thighs, similar to the relaxed fit. However, the key difference between the relaxed and loose fit is that the loose fit has more fabric also added to the leg creating a baggy look. This fit of jeans may also be referred to as wide leg jeans.

KAM Relaxed Fit Jeans
These KAM Relaxed Fit Jeans look Great on Bigger Guys.


Skinny jeans cling snugly to the whole leg from the waist to the ankle. Perfect for guys who want to show off their body shape, but also suitable for confident big guys. Skinny jeans are usually made with stretch denim so they are more comfortable than they look!


Tapered jeans are the perfect jeans for men with big thighs. Similarly to skinny jeans, this style fits the body snugly, but tapers from the thigh to the ankle, which leaves a little more room up top.


The classic style of jean that is the same size from the top of the thigh to the ankle. A really popular style that proportions your body making you look slimmer.

Boot Cut

Boot cup jeans simply flare out by a couple of inches at the bottom to traditionally accommodate a pair of boots. Again, this style is perfect for men with bigger thighs as the bottom balances out the leg and creates a proportional look to your body.

D555 Tapered Leg Stretch Jeans
Tapered Jeans are the Best Style for Guys with Big Thighs

Big Dude Range

Big Dude have a fantastic range of jeans in plus sizes that go up to a 68-inch waist or 7-8XL. Starting at a 32” waist we have something for everyone.

Big Dude Jeans


Wrangler have a reputation for creating hard wearing, quality and authentic jeans. Now one of the most popular brands worldwide, our Wrangler jeans are a fantastic seller and available from 34 to 48-inch waist starting at just £29.99.Wrangler Light Blue Jeans

Mish Mash

Mish Mash focus on quality, tailoring and British design. Their range of jeans is heavily influenced by a strong denim heritage and each piece is finished by hand, making them one of the most unique jeans brand Big Dude has to offer.


Our KAM Jeans collection is really popular amongst our customers and one of the most affordable with jeans starting from just £19.99.

KAM Forge Regular Belted Jeans

Tall Jeans Range

Big Dude also have jeans perfect for the tall man. The jeans we stock are mainly available from a 29 to 36-inch leg length, but a couple of styles we have extend to a 38 and 39-inch leg.

What to Look for in a Great Pair of Jeans

Now we have had a look at the different fits and styles of jeans as well as what Big Dude have to offer, here are a few tip and pointers of what to look for when buying a pair of jeans.

Choose jeans that are blue or dark rinse. These are one of the easiest colours to wear and go with anything from black jumpers to white tees. Easy to smarten up or dress down, this colour of jeans is really versatile and a perfect pair to look out for.

Avoid faded jeans. Along with looking scruffy, lighter colour jeans can add the illusion of extra pounds to your body and are not a piece worth investing in.

If you have big thighs, choose relaxed fit jeans for the most flattering look. On the other hand, tapered jeans also work well and have a modern style that is popular at the moment, so this is another option to consider.

So there you have it. A guide on fit, style and a few hints and tips for buying a great pair of jeans. If you are looking for more information take a look at these other Big Dude resources listed below, or if you prefer speak to one of the team on live chat – We’re available 9-5 Mon-Fri, so come and say hi!

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