New! Big Dude Accessories

Big Dude are now stocking accessories. From hats to gloves, belts to socks, our range is growing and includes more and more complementary pieces for your wardrobe.

Belts in Sizes 2XL-7XL

Belts have always been really popular at Big Dude. As a larger guy it can be pretty tricky finding a belt that fits. Even belts that come with jeans or trousers have been found to be a little snug so our customers invest in new belts to prevent any pinching or discomfort around the waist. Big Dude stock a wide range of belts in large sizes. Starting at a 2XL, they range all the way up to a 7XL and come in a variety of colours and styles. From brown leather belts with large sturdy buckles to canvas belts with no looped fastenings, we cover a range of belts to suit a variety of preferences.

D555 Brown Leather Belt
D555 Brown Leather Belt – Fantastic Quality at Just £9.99

Socks up to Size 16

There is not much you can really say about socks! We wear them pretty much everyday, get a new pair every so often and there is always a pair in our Christmas stocking. Whether you like patterns, bright colours or a plain old black pair, Big Dude stock a range of socks to suit. Available in sizes 6-16 and from as little at £1.99. Check out the new range of socks today!

Official Simpsons Socks - Homer Simpson
Fun Socks are a Classic Gift!

Keep Cosy – Hats and Gloves

With Autumn on it’s way, we’ll soon be enjoying the colder, wetter months to follow. With that in mind, Big Dude have begun to prepare and are currently stocking hats and gloves ready for the chilly season. From top brands like Thinsulate, you can be sure you are buying top quality products at fantastic prices.

Black Leather Gloves
Sheepskin Leather Gloves, only £8.99

Coming Soon!

Keep an eye out for even more Big Dude accessories coming soon. A fantastic range of scarves, long ties and fashionable hats are coming your way. Keep an eye out for the newest arrivals – Available soon!

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