How to Keep Cool and Look Good in Summer When You’re a Big Guy

Let’s Look Good and Keep Cool this Summer

Long, bright and sunny days, warm rays on your skin, walks in the park, picnics on the beach, refreshing long drinks, family BBQs and a whole host more.
Summer is a pretty wonderful time of year, but sometimes the weather is a little bit too much.

Summer, unfortunately, also has a darker side.
Intense humidity, sticky, sweaty bodies, sleepless hot nights and don’t forget the flying ants – I think it is safe to say summer can be quite uncomfortable at times.

For those “it’s too hot!” days, the days when just standing outside causes you to start sweating or for when that heat wave hits, here are Big Dude’s top tips and tricks to help you keep cool in summer (and look good too).

How to Keep Cool

Keep cool on warm days with these top tips:

1. Seek Shade

Whether you are out on a walk and don a hat, relax under a tree or just put up an umbrella in your garden, choosing shade over the blaring sun is always a wise choice if you are looking to keep cool.


2. Find a Breeze

A cooling breeze can make the hottest of days more bearable and the beach is a perfect place to visit to cool down. It is always breezy by the sea, so grab a bucket and spade and head on down!

3. Eat a Chili

Cook up a hot curry and cool off. We know that sounds odd, but trust us, there is some science behind the madness. Spicy foods raise your internal temperature, which then matches the temperature and increases blood circulation. You then start to sweat and as this evaporate, you cool down. It does however mean you have to eat a curry on a hot day, which may not be the most tempting idea.


4. Get a Fan

A fan is a super quick and easy way to cool down. Press a button and cool air is headed your way. Just be sure the fan is pointed directly at you and enjoy the cooling benefits. Still too hot? Try placing a bowl of ice in front of the fan and enjoy the icy breeze.

5. Drink Water

It’s really important to stay hydrated, especially on warm days, so ensure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and if possible avoid caffeine as well as alcohol – these promote dehydration.


6. Open Windows and Doors

When indoors, open up windows and doors as much as possible to encourage a breeze through the room. If you are out, keeping blinds or curtains closed will prevent the sun getting in and help to keep the building cooler.

7. Take a Cool Shower

Instantly cool down with a tepid shower. If you’re still a bit warm, let the water evaporate off your skin, cooling you further!

8. Avoid the Oven

No-one wants to be inside cooking on a hot day, especially when that involves having the oven on, heating up the kitchen even more. It’s no coincidence that BBQs are so popular in summer, so get those coals going and enjoy a get together. Really don’t want to cook? Salads with lots of fresh fruits (cold watermelon, anyone?) and vegetables served with cold meats are perfect.


9. Spritz It

For an instant cool down, put some icy water in a spray bottle and spritz it over your face to help you cool down.

10. Avoid Exercise

If you are looking to head out for a walk, run or cycle when it’s a really hot day, be sure to prepare. Take plenty of water and wear appropriate clothing. On the other hand, avoid getting hot and sweaty by choosing to take it slow and do something else instead – We suggest relaxing in the garden, catching up with a good book and listening to the radio.

11. Avoid the Peak Sun Times

The sun is at its hottest from 11am until 3pm, so avoid the great outdoors or seek shade at these times if you can.

How to Look Good

Big Dude’s hints and tips for what clothing to wear in summer:

1. Choose Natural Materials

Clothes made from natural materials like cotton and linen are perfect for warmer summer days. Breathable and quick drying, these fabrics will keep you cool and looking good.

2. Wear Light Colours

Wear lighter colour clothes such as a white T-shirt and stone chino style shorts to keep cool when it is hot. We all know that light colours reflect the sun’s rays and sweat patches are less likely to show too – win-win!


3. Avoid Man Made Fabrics

Natural materials are a lot better at soaking up moisture from the skin, which then evaporates easily and keeps you cool. Because of this, avoid man made fabrics, which are usually water repellent, to keep cool. Oh and give silk a miss – although natural, silk also repels water and retains body odour, not the best combo.

4. Invest in an Unlined Blazer

If you wear a suit often or need a blazer for work, stick with an unlined jacket in warmer weather. The removal of a lining makes the jacket lighter and more breathable, so you can stay cool and comfortable.

5. Wear Loose Clothing

Loose clothing is perfect for hot and sticky days. As well as being comfortable to wear, air can circulate more freely, evaporating any moisture and cooling the body.


6. Choose Lightweight Fabrics

Lightweight = breathable, comfortable and cool – the perfect combination for summer.

7. Wear Undershirts

This may seem like the last thing that you would want to do on a hot day when you are guaranteed to sweat, but wearing an undershirt can help to wick sweat away keeping you cool and help prevent stains on your outer shirt.

8. Avoid Hats

Heat is always escaping from the extremities of your body like your hands, feet and head – ever wondered why we pile on hats, gloves and slipper socks in winter? On hotter days, we want to let the heat escape. Taking off socks and shoes is a great start, but wearing a hat won’t really help. A cap can keep the sun out of your eyes, but straw hats with small holes allow the heat to escape so choose this style if you like wearing hats.



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