How To Survive the Christmas Party

How to Survive the Office Christmas Party
A Big Dude Guide

What to wear, how to have a good time and keep your job!

Christmas is just around the corner and with the turkey, tree and gifts to think about, don’t forget there’s also the office Christmas party. However, this year – don’t stress! Take a look at big dude’s guide to the office Christmas party. Sit back, relax and bear in mind our top tips for the big day.

Have a drink, but know your limits.

Ever woken up in the morning, fuzzy head, not quite sure what happened at the end of the night? I know I have. After an office night out though? Let’s keep it a bit more sensible, eh? You don’t want to do something you really regret.
Tipsy, smiley and fun = good.
Tired, slurring and swearing = bad.


*Gasp* You kissed who at the Christmas party?

Yes, it happens. We’ve all been there, but trying you avoid them the next day and hide your blushes from the whispers and office gossip is good enough reason for me to avoid cosying up to my office crush.

Stay away from gossip.

Personally, I’d try and stay away from gossip throughout the whole year, but mixing it with alcohol can cause a cocktail that’s hard to swallow.
In a word – avoid.

Don’t leave too early – I.e. don’t be a party pooper.

Leaving a party, especially one with a sit down meal, too early can seem a little rude, antisocial and worse of all, unappreciative. Instead, let your hair down a little, enjoy getting to know your colleagues outside of work and stay. Who knows, you might have a really good night!


Turn up!

Your boss has invited you out and chances are that it is a free meal, free drinks and all in all free – nothing, nada. They want you to enjoy yourself with the rest of the team so the least you can do is turn up. It shows you’re a team player, allows others to get to know you and it’s free!

Don’t pull a sicky the next day.

We all know you don’t have food poisoning, so come on, turn up or at least tell the truth! If you follow these office party rules, then you probably won’t have to, but if you can avoid it – don’t call in sick.


The Office Party Outfit Rules

  • Dress to impress and make an effort – It is Christmas after all!
  • Ask around – What is the dress code, what are your colleagues wearing, where are you going, can you get away with smart casual? The more you know, the better your decision.
  • Avoid the Christmas clichés – Funny jumpers, glitter madness and baubles are all well and good if novelty attire is requested. Otherwise, it’s probably safer to avoid these festive touches.
  • Consider the weather – It’s winter, it’s cold. Don’t wear a shirt with jeans, you’ll freeze! Instead, opt for a woolen blazer matched with a long sleeved thin jumper or suit combo and combat the cold.

Big Dude’s Favourite Office Outfits

Christmas Party Outfit - Blazer, Jeans and White Shirt | Big Dude ClothingDress Code: Smart Casual

  1. Hugo James Shetland Overcheck Jacket£119.99 – Available in 52-66″ Waist Sizes
  2. Rael Brook Long Sleeve White Shirt£20.99 – Available in 21-21″ Collar Sizes
  3. D555 Andrew Tapered Leg Stretch Jeans – Was £42.99, NOW £29.99 – Available in 42-52″ Waist Sizes

This smart casual combo is a no brainer for the office festivities. The jeans and brown shoes really cool down the smart feel of the traditional blazer, but all in all it is a really nice outfit ideal for a Christmas party. Stay cool and pop the blazer on the back of a chair when it’s time to throw some shapes on the dance-floor, but be careful around canapes with the white shirt!

Need to dress to impress?
Swap the jeans for a pair of beige chinos and you are good to go!

Fun Christmas Party Outfit with paisley Shirt | Big Dude ClothingDress Code: It’s Party Time!

  1. Fitzgerald Blue and Red Paisley Long Sleeved Shirt – Was £29.99 NOW £23.99 – Available in 2XL, 3XL, 6XL and 7XL
  2. Brown Lambretta Carnaby Desert Boot – Was £64.99 NOW £29.99 – Available in UK Shoe Sizes 6-9

This combination is less formal and if you needed an excuse to pull out a fancy shirt, surely now is the time! This paisley print navy and red shirt is a great quality shirt that’s funky and perfect for a party. Matched with a pair of slimming dark jeans and some decent dark brown desert boots, this combination is cool, casual and fun – everything you want for the office Christmas party right?

What would you wear to the office Christmas party? Got a favourite funny jumper that pops it’s head out of the wardrobe this time of year? We’d love to see it! Send us a pic in the comments, or on our Facebook Page.

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