Fashion Tips for the Tall Guy

Big Dude introduced their tall range to the collection in late 2014 and since then have strived to develop and extend that range to ensure the site features an excellent variety of clothes for tall men, as well as the larger guy. Here, we have listed just a few of our styling tips and tricks to help the taller man look that extra bit stylish so read on to take a look at our top fashion tips for the tall guy.

  • Avoid excess fabric. Regardless of whether you are tall, skinny, stocky or carrying a bit of extra weight, excess fabric does nothing for your shape. Always aim to buy fitted clothes that are not too tight. These will show a defined figure and all in all look much better than clothes that are too big and baggy.
  • Look for suit jackets with two buttons. Generally, this causes the lapels to sit higher adding shoulder width and balancing out a tall frame.
  • Go horizontal. If you wish to create the illusion of a shorter frame and essentially ‘cut off’ your height, choose bulky horizontal stripes.
  • Layering is your friend. Layering is a great way to bulk out a slimmer frame and create a more proportioned look for a taller guy. Multiple lightweight pieces are ideal, but be wary of vertical stripes. Instead opt for horizontal stripes to create a complimentary widening effect.
  • Small and Subtle. If your height is quite imposing and you wish to soften your look, avoid bright colours and lairy patterns. Opt for tones and colours that work together as well as items with smaller, more intricate patterns.
  • Avoid cropped jackets. A cropped top will create the illusion of (even) longer legs and a shorter torso. If you are looking to shorten the appearance of your legs, aim for jackets that sit just below the buttock to create a proportional look.
  • The finishing touch – shoes. Shoes should be thin soled with low heels to avoid adding unnecessary extra height. Furthermore, a pointed shoe tip will elongate the leg so opt for rounded or square toe shoes to add balance to a tall frame.

Buying Clothes a Tall Order?

The ranges at Big Dude have now expanded and include tall men’s clothing. In sizes 2XLXT – 5XLXT, take a look at tall shirts, polo shirts, tops and jumpers in a range of styles and colours. Big Dude also stock specialist tall men brands including Duke Clothing, KAM Jeans and can offer tall men’s jeans in both 36” and 38” leg sizes.
Take a look at our tall men’s clothing range here.



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