Big Men’s Underwear

Big Men’s Underwear

A Great Selection of Large Underwear

Underwear. A staple that we wear every day and usually update every now and then then they start to look a bit saggy or worse for wear with the odd hole (or two). It’s not something you really go out and buy so when you do remember to update those undies, sit back and order online at Big Dude. Easy and convenient, simply take a look at our large size boxers, more fitted trunks or big briefs. Maybe it’s time for a new pair?

Big Men’s Underwear in Sizes 2XL – 8XL

Large Size Boxers

Big-Mens-Underwear-3With their loose and comfortable style, boxer shorts are one of Big Dude’s bestselling underwear items. Whether you are looking for woven boxers, plain cotton pairs or even multi-packs, we have a great range of styles from as little as £4.99. With Duke, Ed Baxter and Jockey amongst the brands, you’re sure to grab yourself a bargain too.

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Big Men’s Briefs

Big-Mens-Underwear-1The most popular choice of men’s underwear in the UK, briefs are a great everyday item that’s pretty essential for your collection. No matter what you’re looking for – slips, Y-fronts, briefs or multi-packs – we have them in stock. Check out all our big men’s briefs in sizes 2XL, 3XL, up to 7XL or 8XL, and update your underwear draw with some briefs from just £6.99.

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Outsize Men’s Trunks

Big-Mens-Underwear-2Offering you a hybrid between briefs and boxers, trunks provide a style that has a fitted, shorter leg and square cut. Available in sizes 2XL to 8XL, Big Dude have a great range of trunks from fantastic brands including D555, Espionage and underwear favourites, Jockey.

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Interesting Facts About Underwear

Yes, we know that this is a little bit of a strange topic, but considering that we wear underwear everyday, us Big Dude’s concluded that we don’t actually know that much about the subject. Because of that, we thought we’d do a bit of digging and found some rather interesting facts – Here’s three of the best!

3 Rather Interesting Facts About Underwear…

  1. There are trace amounts of fecal matter in every pair of underwear. 0.01g in fact!
  1. A 2008 survey found that 9% of men in America have underwear that is at least 10 years old
  1. The average man only packs 3 pairs of underwear for a weeks holiday.

Looking for Something Else?

Don’t forget that Big Dude also offer a great range of socks, thermals, vests and pyjamas.


Why and how do socks disappear? Replenish your collection with Big Dude! We understand that socks for larger shoe sizes can be a little difficult to find, so for the best fit, we offer socks from sizes 6 up to 15. Available in plain, colourful and multi-packs, we have a great range of socks from just £4.99.


Whether you wear them to bed, around the house to stay comfy or want to buy some as a gift, you can never have too many pyjamas. Big Dude’s range is available in sizes 2XL-8XL and from £9.99, you can get a set of soft and comfortable pyjamas, so matter your size. Check out our latest offers and deals and grab yourself a bargain.


Perfect for warm nights, wearing under a shirt or on it’s own, in the garden, gym or simply out and about, a vest is a great piece that is cool and comfortable. Made from 100% cotton, our vests are perfect for summer and available in sizes 2XL-8XL as well as in a variety of colours and styles – You’re sure to find a vest you like!


Not just for winter! Thermals are great for wearing under shirts to help keep you warm when the weather isn’t so great. Whether you choose to wear a thermal during the day, or keep it solely for the cooler nights and wear it to bed, the choice is yours!

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