The Big Mans Guide to Shorts

It’s summer and it’s hot. None of us want to be sat there with trousers on, or walking around in joggers getting hotter and hotter. Instead, we want to show a bit of leg, get the air circulating around our ankles and out enjoying the great outdoors (while we still can!) looking great in shorts. Our Big Mans Guide to Shorts has the full ins and outs of shorts and a few style tips along the way, what more could you want?

When (and When Not) to Wear Shorts

No matter how cool and comfortable shorts may be, unfortunately we can’t wear them all the time. In brief, if it’s warm, you’re off to the beach or maybe you just fancy wearing shorts then go for it! As long as you’re not at a formal event or in a business environment, shorts are A-OK.

Perfect Weather for Shorts - Pebble Beach and Blue Seas
The Perfect Weather for Wearing Shorts!
Where Us Big Dudes Wear Shorts
  • To the Beach
  • To the Pool
  • For a Walk on a Nice Day
  • At a BBQ
  • When Playing Football
  • In the Office on Casual Fridays
  • Walking the Dog
  • Hey, even at a Picnic

Types of Shorts

Espionage Performance ShortsRunning Shorts

Loose fitting shorts that are now a little longer than they were in the past. Obviously worn for running or other physical activities, these shorts are lightweight and quick drying.

Kangol Doowop Cargo ShortsCargo Shorts

Usually khaki and embellished heavily with pockets, cargo shorts are a popular casual style short. Landing slightly below the knee, these comfy shorts are great for walking in and the pockets do come in handy.

Formal Chino ShortsFormal Shorts

Whether pleated, flat fronts, in a chino style fabric or shorts made out of that suit style fabric, formal shorts are a great take on a traditionally casual item. Wear with a polo shirt at smart-casual outdoor events like an evening BBQ or a few drinks at the golfing range.

KAM Bailey Stretch Denim ShortsDenim Shorts

Controversially some people say that you should never wear this style of short. In my opinion, denim shorts are an item that is really easy to wear, goes with anything and are perfect for summer. Whether you wear them with a plain white tee and a leather jacket, challenging the iconic images of James Dean or simply pair with a vest and an unbuttoned shirt, denim shorts can be worn in so many ways and I think they look great.

Film Roll Print Swim ShortsSwimming Shorts

Ideally worn swimming or at the beach, swimming trunks are bright, colourful and will probably end up being one of the most fun pieces of clothing you own.

What Shoes Should I Wear with Shorts?


Fantastic for wearing out and about when it is warm. A bit more comfortable and stable than flip flops, sandals offer a bit of support. Just make sure you skip the socks to avoid the stereotypical German tourist jokes.

Boaters or Loafers

Comfortable slip on shoes that can easily make your outfit look that little bit smarter. Pair with invisible ankle socks if need be and cater your style to the more casual or formal side depending on the occasion.

Flip Flops

The ultimate summer shoe. Flip flops look great with shorts, but they should only be worn at the beach or pool side. When choosing a flip flop, look for something with a decent base and avoid bright and garish colours. A good quality, brown leather flip flop can last many years and look so much better than those green plastic ones from the pound shop around the corner.

Canvas Trainers

If you are out and about for the majority of the day and comfort is high on your list of priorities, a canvas trainer is a great option for pairing with shorts. Similarly slip on plimsolls can work, but as a general rule, it is important that you do not wear visible socks with shorts – unless you want to look like you’re off to the gym that is.

Styling Hints and Tips

The Ideal Length

At Big Dude, we would recommend that shorts should be on, or just above your knee. No higher than 2-3 inches above, but never below your knee. Too high and you’re talking gym wear, too low and to be honest, we’re looking at cut offs, not shorts.

  • Highest point – 3 inches above your knee
  • Lowest point – Mid knee
Bigdude Chicago Jogger Shorts - Graphite GreyColours

At Big Dude, we have a lot of black, navy, tan, khaki and grey shorts – staple colours that can be paired with anything really. Dress up your look with a polo shirt or buttoned shirt and for a more casual look, opt for T-shirts and vests.


Show off a bit of personality with some bright and crazy shorts. At big Dude, we only  have a few pairs of shorts with fancy patterns on as these are for the brave, but we must admit that a few of the items in our swim shorts collection requires sunglasses!

Brooklyn Bold Palm Tree Print Swim ShortsPrevent Added Bulk

Consider how baggy your shorts are. Shorts add bulk to the upper part of your legs so a baggier garment will ultimately make your thighs (and arse) look bigger.

Dress for Your Age

Should you really be seen in public wearing those skate shorts you’ve had in your wardrobe for well over 10 years? And as for those pastel pink pleated pair – they make you look the spit of your grandad. Choose shorts that suit you and match your age.

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