Big Guys Fashion: Top Tips for the Larger Man

Whether you consider yourself a muscle machine, broad shouldered, round-bellied, a bit fat or simply someone who has just let themselves go a bit, Big Dude have listed a few of our favourite fashion tips in order to help the larger guy look their best.

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Fashion Tips for the Plus Size Guy

It can be difficult shopping sometimes. Stores may not stock your size, pieces you love are sold out, items are way too short and simply look bad – we’ve heard the complaints, endless times. For a larger guy, these issues become even worse. What high street store offers sizes up to 8XL? The choice is limited. However, when you do find the perfect store or a particular brand that you love, either online or on the high street, think back to these fashion tips to help ensure that you look great.

  • Avoid vastly contrasting blocks of colour.
    Blocks of colour break up your body into sections and draw attention to two distinct areas. Shades and tones of a single colour don’t harshly split the body into segments and as a result allows the eye to quickly skim through an outfit creating an elongated, slimming effect.
  • Small stripes such as a pinstripe can elongate your frame.
    We all know that vertical stripes elongate your body and horizontal stripes create the illusion of a wider frame. However, it is not all about the direction of the stripe, the width is another dimension to consider. Smaller patterns are seen as less distracting and more flattering on a fuller figure as again the eye does not get too distracted by these patterns and skims the length of the outfit. As a basic rule, avoid horizontal stripes, no matter whether a pattern on a shirt or just the solid colour of a belt.

Lambretta Patterned Shirt, Sky Blue

  • Dress for your size – A defined shape is always more flattering than a baggy silhouette.
    Although some people may think that a larger clothes will hide a bigger figure, the extra fabric adds bulk and creates the illusion of a more rotund body. It is best to dress to your size. Choose fitted (not tight) garments and define your shape instead of trying to hide it.
  • Elongate your neck.
    Choose V-neck jumpers, rigid collar shirts and polo shirts with longer plackets to create a vertical, elongated illusion to the face and neck.
  • Dark colours are slimming.
    We all know that black is a slimming colour, but if you can, don’t wear an all-black outfit. Instead, opt for shades of black (grey, charcoal, marl) and add pops of colour with jewel tones such as ruby and emerald. If you prefer white shirts to darker colours, pair them with dark layers to create more balance and overall tone down the white. Note that light colours ultimately do the opposite of dark colours and can be a little trickier to pull off, but if they work for you, you should by no means avoid them.

Kangol Twig Spot Shirt in Navy

  • Choose shirts that have squared shoulders.
    Those that are rounded tend to fall off the shoulder and can add the illusion of extra weight, so squared shoulders can be more flattering on a larger guy.
  • Choose jackets with three buttons.
    The extra button again elongates the torso and makes you look slimmer, as well as that little bit taller.
  • Suspenders Vs Belts.
    Sometimes a belt is not the best solution for stopping your trousers slipping. As well as digging into your stomach, being uncomfortable when sitting down and creating lumps and bumps not dissimilar to a muffin top, gives us just a few reasons as to why a belt is not always the best option for the bigger guy. On the other hand, we have suspenders. Suspenders keep trousers in place around the waist and create a smooth appearance around the stomach. Of course, suspenders are not always suitable and if you are a regular jeans wearer, probably not worth the investment. Whichever route you decide to take, just be sure to never wear suspenders and a belt together.

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