Farah Flex Trousers… The best a man can get!

Flexi Waist Trousers

Farah Flex trousers are the best trousers that we sell and by quite some distance. Also, at just £34.99 (at time of writing) we are by far the cheapest for these trousers in the UK too. The beauty of these Farah flexi trousers is that they have a unique flex waist system, which will allow you to get a bit bigger or a bit smaller, but still stay comfortable in a pair of trousers that fit.

The adjustable waist trousers are our best sellers and come in black, navy and grey. The waist sizes run from 40″ up to 56″ waist, but we usually have large volumes of 42″, 44″, 46″ and 48″ waist Farah flex waist trousers. If you don’t really have a need for the flexi waist system, we also stock Classic Farah trousers, which you may prefer – Check out the full range of Farah trousers here.

Farah Flexi Waist Trouser

  • Available in Navy, Grey and Black
  • Formal, good quality trousers from top brand Farah
  • Zip fly with button fastening and belt loops
  • Slanted front pockets and a buttoned rear pocket
  • Single pleat, flat front formal style
  • Comfortable fit

Range of Farah Flexi Waist Trousers on Black, Navy and Grey

Farah Flex Black | Farah Flex Navy | Farah Flex Grey

  1. Hi I am in Melbourne Australia and i have a pair of BLACK farah trousers 60″ waist. with eleastic sides that i cant find in Melbourne. Can you please tell me if you can supply me with a pair to try out and make sure it fits propr to me ordering more off you.

    I can pay with Paypal also if needed.

    Thank you Chris

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