Big Dude now accepting Bitcoin!

We are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment – a peer to peer digital currency as a method of payment for our big and tall men’s clothing. We have partnered with BitPay to accept the currency with a minimal amount of fuss.

Bitcoin has become a modern day sensation, a virtual currency which can be used like cash in exchange for goods. By cutting out the middleman, buyers and sellers of Bitcoins can deal with one another using direct deposits into electronic wallets.

Founder and Managing Director of Big Dude Clothing, Darrell Freeman thinks the rise of Bitcoin is a payment method that will grow stronger year on year and be a serious rival to other online payment methods such as PayPal and Sage Pay.

“Over the next few years we will see incredible growth in the use of Bitcoins and we are delighted to be the 1st small online retailer in the UK to offer this as a payment method”.

“As a small business competing against much bigger companies, we are always trying to find a competitive advantage and making it easier for our customers to shop. We have a large customer pool located in the USA and the demand from this market has pushed us to introduce Bitcoin as a payment method”.

“We have partnered with BitPay to offer this facility and we’re genuinely excited about the potential of Bitcoin as a payment method. We’re innovative and being a small business we can be quick on our feet unlike larger companies who will take years to implement Bitcoin”.

“A few major online brands in the USA have been accepting Bitcoin for a few months now but the trend is yet to catch on here in the UK.”

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