Big dude gift guide – Christmas 2016

Yeah, Christmas is great and all, but if you are anything like me then you take gift giving VERY seriously! It’s meant to be a holiday season but really it is just 100 times more stressful than any other time of year, which is why I’m going to try and help you out, make it a bit easier for you to buy him the perfect gift this year, suited to his personality. No-one ever needs to find out that you had a helping hand, I won’t tell if you won’t.

Gadget Dude

If the guy you have in mind is a bit of a geek then think along the lines of tech, gadgets and games and you’ll be on to a winner. Here are some ideas for his stocking this December 25th.Gadget Man Gift Ideas

  • Camera If the man in your life loves his Photography, why not get him a camera, there’s so many options around whether it be an SLR or a CSC they all produce such good quality images these days.
  • Tablet – Such a handy tool for the gadget guy, guaranteed to put a smile on his face on Christmas day.
  • Drone – 2016 has definitely been the year of drones, they’re everywhere and one of the most in demand gadgets right now.
  • Games – Chances are, the gadget guy in you life already has a game console of some sort, so why not top up his selection of games this Christmas as a nice little stocking filler.

Fashionable Dude

Think outside the box, get accessories for that fashionable guy you know to go with a smart outfit perfect for Christmas parties and throughout the yearSmart Gentleman Gifts

  • Satchel – Satchels are the perfect man bag, just the right size to fit all the essentials in for the smart gentleman.
  • Wallet – Every man needs a wallet, I also know that a lot of men make do with the same wallet for years before they replace it, why not save them the bother and treat him to one for Christmas.
  • Cufflinks – For the guy who likes to dress sharp, cufflinks may be small but they can make a big difference to his smart work or evening wear.
  • Smart Shirt – If you know the size to go for then a nice smart shirt is a good gift idea for him any time of year.
  • Fragrance – Every guy wants to smell nice and fragrance is always a good option. If you’re struggling to choose the right one, have a root through the cupboards and see if you can find an almost empty bottle of his favourite scent, then you will know he will love it.
  • Tie – A tie is the accessory to finish off every outfit if he’s wanting to make an impact. We have a range of styles and colours on our website.

Musical Dude

Here is what to get for that musical man in your life…
Record Player Gift For Him

  • Headphones – Noise cancelling headphones will keep your man happy, hearing nothing but his music in clear, crisp quality and it gives you chance to have a bit of peace and quiet too!
  • Speakers  A great idea for the music lover man, and it gives you an excuse to treat yourself to some headphones too so you can block all of his noise out.
  • Concert Tickets – Why not treat him to see his favourite artist in concert, make a day out of it and gain a memory that you can keep forever.
  • Records and Record Player – The retro record players have come back into fashion recently, they produce great sound quality and they look beautiful sat on that otherwise plain desk you have in the corner.

>One of my favourites that I have found is from Crosley, which you can buy on Amazon They are in a leather suitcase-like box with branding on the interior but there are loads out there for you to select.

Sporty Dude

If the dude that you are buying for is into his sport then why not treat him to some new kit or maybe a sporty day out.Car Racing Day Out Christmas Present

  • New trainers – If you are into your physical activities then you can never have too many trainers, I’m sure a new pair will be greatly appreciated under the tree this Christmas.
  • Nice gym bag – A simple idea however, if they are a regular at the gym then they are definitely going to need a good sturdy bag to keep all their kit in order.
  • Sport earphonesspecially adapted headphones are a brilliant idea for any keen runners, I can’t run without music and there is nothing more annoying than that one earphone that always falls out every 10 steps you take.
  • Experience day Think outside the box and get the man you love a gift he will remember, whether it be a golfing day out or an adrenaline filled race track experience, I bet no-one else will have thought of this.
  • Fitness tracker watchIf they love their fitness, they may be keen to keep track. Fitness trackers have become very popular for sporty individuals recently and are a great gift idea for him this year! Fitbits are a popular example of this but there are plenty out there for you to choose from.

Foody Dude

Everyone loves food so you can never go wrong getting a foody gift for a foody dude this Christmas!Wine Case Gift

  • Posh Chocolates  – You can never go wrong with a good selection of chocolates, need I say more?
  • Favourite Spirit – Whether it be a fancy Hendricks gin or just their favourite go-to vodka, alcohol normally goes down a treat.
  • Bottle of WineGet his favourite bottle of wine but instead of putting it in a wine bag, why not present it in a nice box to make it look that bit more special.
  • Beer crafting kit – I’m sure most guys would appreciate just bottled beer for Christmas but why not make it look like you put a bit of extra thought into it and get him a present unique to anyone else
  • Cooking Course – Experience days are a present that you can look forward to, if he loves his food then why not book him a cooking day that you could do together, it could be a fun experience and you learn something new at the same time.

Adventure Dude

The perfect items to give to the guy who loves to travel…Gifts For An Adventurous Guy

  • Scratch Map – I have seen a lot of these around recently and I think that they are a really nice idea for the guy who loves to explore and travel the world. ( I have found one here )

>Notonthehighstreet always have lots of unique gift ideas like this, definitely worth taking a look

  • Polaroid Camera – Professional quality cameras are great for the beautiful scenery but to keep mementos of your travels and capture the special moments, Polaroid cameras are a really good idea to add to your travel bag.
  • Photo Album – Perfect place to keep all those Polaroid images you will have lying about, a photo album can be a really thoughtful gift if you fill it up yourself before handing it over to them on Christmas day.
  • Travel bag – He is going to need somewhere to keep all those essential toiletries on his travels, we have some smart travel and wash bags available in genuine leather here.
  • Framed pictures – Get a print of one of his favourite images from his travels and have it in a neat frame to place on your wall, a sentimental gift that I’m sure that we will appreciate.



Presents out of the way, hopefully now you can have a stress free Christmas! Still not sure what to get him for Christmas? Take a look at the gift range we have available on our website SHOP GIFTS

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